I was one who used to think about you everyday. 

Pick up twigs, 

Climb up on trees far away. 

Stare at you through the window. 

You were close, but I felt you were a thousand miles away. 

Cry when you're hurt like a Saturday kid who got robbed of his take away. 

Hold you up when you feel weak,

Sweet, I promised 

Nothing would take you away. 

But it all was a race to quite

Basement laid up for defeat

Ties tied to the seat, 

Floors interlocked for another man's feet. 

Only If I could see!

Only if one could tell me! 

Only if I could feel,

The whole absence had been there.

Your emotions fought me like a dare,

But I could not see! 

My eyes were clouded!

Ladened with the lust and lack of sense,

I crossed the bank and I saw not the sea.

Only If I could see.

That you were up for all that I had,

for all that popped off my wallet, 

For all that shown better than the steel seal. 

But I could not see. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya