Once broke 

With my head on this stereo.

A little bliss for a renewed mind is the mile behind why I melt into utmost reflection to match my strength with my ego.

This could have been a fall, 

pulling me back to point zero.

I was the rapid molecule, atoms ready to collide with the walls of any container. But the other me wanted life to be as soft as my momma's pillow.

Same me was ready to do the irrational, like store up beans in an hexed silo.

DWHY Company lied to use to swipe our last buck with fake get rich quick scheme, It was like marketers telling kids 'nothing gives energy better than Milo.'

This ice pole made me fall beyond point Zero. 

I hear talks on the left, 

Right here,

I slayed critic with a sling,

It would be disrespectful if you call me no hero. 

I saw my first credit alert and I was like God I need more zeros. 

I could walk 3Km because I had to save for my expiring house rent. 

I spoke to my clients like

"It would be no crime if you add to this figures just one more Zero." 

I ended the call and I waited till my cell rang back.

He wasn't ready to reopen the deal so I told him to save his "Hello" 

Just the same way I had felt,

with things not working. 

I could have cried, 

sleeping 2am and waking before 4.

My head told me I was over working. 

The 1-0-1 meal scheme was private, 

So I gave up food so I could pay for security, I mean a place to sleep. 

Life then was like reality away from dreams but the distance was worth walking. 

I know with detailed proofs that fear of not making it was around stalking. 

Yet, I have reach not my peak, but little bucks from side clicks and mini deals is loud enough to pay my bills that I can no more hear my once empty bank account echoing, ranting 

and ill talking.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya