Oh spirit of love!

Why have you chosen to punish me this way?

why have you taken my love from me? 

Why have you smitten my beloved at war

And sending his piece to me

Tell me where you've taken my beloved

So I may seek him

For I have waited years for my beloved to return home

To fling my arms in the open air as I embrace him

I wanted to receive my beloved with the warmth of my arms 

To be smothered with the kisses of my beloved 

But where are those kisses of my beloved? 

Where is my passionate lover,death has snatched from me

His loving care with sensation

His rare love which could not be bargained 

A fabulous lover I had valued all my life

His black curly long hair I loved to bury my face in

His heart I have stolen and kept only for myself 

Bring me back my love, so I may nurse my broken heart in frames 

For though I value life

Death fascinate my soul now

Hear my million cries oh spirit of lovand bring my beloved back to me. 

           © Esan Blessing