The bitumenized death traps looks dazzling, lumpy

Glorified with potholes. The cheerful afternoon stinging so hard

Zoom! Cars and Jalopies furiously navigated the turbulent road of risks

Wheels like birds are forgetful of danger

Sand-filled drums creating a firing squad scene

Made wheels screech. Halt! 

Queue. Queuing vehicles awaiting a bulky sapien

A bulky sapien in green

His palm - Violently black - as black as charcoal

Judgement time. My turn arrived. He knocked

Oga Soja! I hailed "sion sir" I saluted

Heavy breathing. Drenched in pressure

He scanned my boiling engine and I was getting bored

Luckily I heard a music "greeeeeeeeen" "greeeeeeeeen"

Oh! It was my telephone

He suddenly knitted his brows

But I expected him to dance

"Get down." "I say get down"

"But Oga Sir, I no do anything"

"Na me you dey follow talk?" "I say get down"

   I obliged. 

"Frog Jump" "Up and down" He commanded

Teacher Jamiu instantly came to my mind

Was this his replica?  They both wouldn't care if the sun had brought golden globe towards us

Or if heavy brown fogs were still taking breakfast on nearby trees

Oga Soja has asked me to hop like a frog

And be clumsy like a Monkey

But I don't even know my offence(s)

"Whack" - To God I don't know what hit me

But I immediately began to hop around.

The feeling was neither celestial nor terrestrial.