Laughing mischievously I watch the blood flow, it hurt so badly but I had to cut so deep. This vein seems to contain a lot of blood, I had to cut my thigh close to my cliff so  no one would notice. 

I had to scrub myself so hard in bath, so hard I have red lines lining on my bleached skin.

Damn, I still feel his touch on my skin. Have been tying this crazy scarf around for days I would cut my hair soon, he made me half blad

The blood keeps flowing, I felt happy I felt him leave with every drop of blood.

I had to burn that miserable dress, to show God how I want him to burn in hell. Arrgg, that stinking fool.

The blood flowing, it's not stopping.

Am drifting out, seeing rainbows, no it stars...

Please don't! Don't make me remember please... Please..

I fought hard in my brain, in between subconsciousness and consciousness

Fear, pain, death

I feel into what seems like a trance....


I taste sweat, it so hot here how on earth did I get her. Just at the corner of my eye, I saw it glistering. It's a knife, then the monster came into light. He is the corper next door, we've been friends for months, he seems really cool and I like him.

But wait, what is he doing with a knife and why am I tied up here.


'Jane I'll be leaving next month, won't you even pay me a visit before I leave?' He said

I trembled not knowing how to respond to him, 'OK, corper I will come after class today'

'That my girl, run along now I'm waiting for you'

Later in the evening, I found my way to the corper door. He keeps pestering me to visit him. Leme say hi and fulfill all righteousness.

I settled down for a cup of juice, and that was all I could remember...

The corper next door raped me