Bring life to the wireless. Let it boom – Papa ordered 

Let our thirsty auricles get food to eat

For the chief priest has made a decree like a military dictator

All the “UP NEPA” vocalists must hide their voices

No reason, no excuse

-  I thought we had a constitution

Forget that. Do your duty brother – feed us

Silence. Aerial cable adjusted. Waveband refused to cooperate

That familiar sound of already heated water –“rrrrrrr”- 

a faint voice, inaudible words. Maybe he’s tired

“Come on bud” – a huge smack. Fitting his fists

Pity to the wireless. Speak well, work well.


“Good day dear listeners; here is the news at noon”

- we know. Just go straight to the point

The breadbasket belonging to the ear is protesting and grumbling already

“My name is” –“rrrrrrr”- another water heated. Who knows for what?

Two minutes of continuous boiling

but he came back. He probably went to use the heated water to prepare tea

“Sorry for the break in transmission 

It was due to power outage”

Coughs. Not in English. Is “poho” among the headlines?

“Firstly the headlines ………………………………………………....

Here is the news in full”


“Yesterday; boastful bomb experts

went into a church crowded with worshippers

interrupted their service with a blast

leaving forty-five people dead and several people injured.

In conclusion of their deed, our eyewitness reported

they began to chant 

              “ALLAHU AKBAR”

hmmmmmm. Papa hummed like a hummingbird

Put it off Papa ordered

This piece of meat is too bitter.

By the way the movie “LOVE IN SAMBISA” in which our girls were nobbled for

When will it be aired in the cinemas and when will the shooting be over?

Beautiful religion made ugly

he hissed.

©Odukudu Felix Abayomi