I worked so hard to win this race 

I had held out my fingers in passion 

No platform for myself, as an idol of the marketplace 

Waiting was never a habit or option 

I worked shy, didn't matter what the sun said 

My body's thirst, knew sweat and tears as wine 

I worked, not to be held by the sick world 

And in the hollow of my palm, I had my mother's words 

Around me, were strong and able men 

But I worked, seizing every golden penny 

Because I had learnt from what hurt me 

I had seen enough unblinking suffering 

So, now is the time to struggle beyond wishes 

To obtain a life of wisdom,wealth and riches 

I will become what I respect, 

And choose to attract what I expect 

As I step into a life of sovereignty,

I will reflect what I desire,

View and reveal what I admire 

I will scale through my struggle.