Mother, my mother a monster I loved to hate

She taught me from the good book 

Taught me evil, lies, cheats I must hate

'My son is sinners calls thee, do not answer. Says her holy book

Mother, My mother a monster I hated to love

The fierce sting from her blind broom

Her *iko* reset me to my default mood

The lashes from her merciless cane

Her *igbaju* makes me confess my iniquities

Mother, My mother I love you so mama

She made sure to pluck every *kokoro* in my eyes

Taught me to cut my coat according to my cloth

To love God, to respect humanity

*iya mi* my mother so I love you

Sure, her brooms and canes did the magic

Left no room for anomalous physic

With every lash, I was enchanted, suppressed

Beautifully crafted, remolded, equipped for life.