Sometimes I feel like the road has ended.

That there is no other world beyond the sepulchre at the road's end.

I have reached the sky's limit. 

And the limit was never so far.  

It was just too nigh. 

I feel like I have reached the end of the tunnel;  

But somehow there is no light glistening at the end. 

Why must it be my tunnel? 

Why must my light not glisten? 

So sometimes when I am weak,

I go down on my knees, 

And lift my head up high;

High above the ocean's rising tears

High above the stars' growing fears,

Above the giraffing moon.

I lift my head up higher than heights unreach'd and untouch'd. 

I stare into the eyes of the great I AM: 

He who calmeth the fears of the stars,  

And wipeth the tears of the oceans

I tell him all of my problems.  

And even though I know he knows everything I go through,

Even though I know He grimaces at the thought of my predicaments,

Even though he is less than thrilled with my situation, 

It doesn't stop me from rolling from one side of my room to the other;  

Like stones rolling on a river. 

It doesn't stop me from weeping like the ocean

And crawling like its waves on the shore. 

And even though it is without a tint of doubt;

Or a mote of question,

That thorn is but who I am, 

Ungrateful is but my hallmark,

Weary is my spirit,

Ragged is but my tapestry, 

Unworthy is but my name,

And broken is but what I mutter,

He still hears me. 

He grants me a hearing. 

He listens to me. 

So I refuse to give up. 

Whatever eats into my soul,

No matter how fiendish it cajole, 

I reject it!

I rebuke it! 

I hold onto positivity.

I hold onto hope.

I hold onto love.

I hold onto better days;

Days lulled with flavoured roses. 

Days embroiled with beautiful tapestry. 

Days that glow and gloat with fragrance in the garden of hopes.

Hopes which the oceans pour ashore when they break free. 

I hold onto LIFE.

¬©Cornelius Khojo