It the morning on a Monday

The rustling and rushing day

A busy day after the  break

A new day a dawn to break

The busy monday along the famous route

Gentlemen struggling for seat and root

Ladies wit mask and gum returning from shoot

The evil men do, trail after there shoes

A busy Monday morning to scope

Iya ruka with her pot of soup

My senses hurrying after her aroma

But I won't dash for it like a Roman

A busy day, school children hurrying

Workers and helpers dashing

Mad men maring movement

On the street of Lagos awaiting Solomon's judgment

A busy Monday morning I write

Oh, I must lay my pen, take the sword

I need to fight through the day right?

Wake up thou sluggard, get up, get the sword

I need to go now, to leave the words

To sword and soar on the world.

©rebecca akomolafe