I never had it all,

But momma's food was the best.

When I go awry,

Momma would go hard,

Momma's method was the best.

When I screwed it up,

Momma's whip was next.

But momma will take me off bollix,


On her to do list, 

cleaning me up always came first.

Momma cared,

momma still cares.

Momma never fled,

She left,

and that, I erewhile feared.

Her absence

 for days, month and years,

I felt.

Dear mother.

The blood you shed.

The pain you bared.

Mother will forever be momma

My mother,

mine forever. 

ohh momma

Your little kid has grown up now, 

The stage of maturity he has reached.

He lives in a better house now,

well furnished. 

He takes better meal now, 

his stomach is nourished. 

It will be doltish,

of me if I call you "jewel."

I just feel you been more than any gemstone.

Deep inside, 

I have been refined. 

Those words of yours were never a waste.

Deep down it lies,

You would always tell me the truth,

Even when the world lies.

You held my hands that morning. 

pointed to my chest and you gave me a 3hours lecture,

about where my strength lies. 

I love you mum,

Even when the whole world won't say the truth about me,

You won't join them to lie.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya