Raindrops... Lightning ... Thunderclap...

I am eating dinner on a Sunday night, wife and kid at the table. I'm talking about the profit made on sales. There's no time to slack off. Not now, not ever. More travels, more rich folks and greater profits. 


Where would I be without you? 

"Honey, I'm sure the weekdays are enough for work. You didn't come for service today. You can at least take the day off on sundays to spend time with your family and most importantly, give thanks to God for the blessings you richly have ",my wife did say. 

Oh, sweet Anne was try'na remind me of what I was forgetting. But, poor, old fool me, only threw a tantrum. 

"I feed this family alright? I make money to maintain and keep this house. I put in so much for this home and what do you do? You sit there try'na tell me how to live my life? You try'na make me look like a fool?"

A fool I already am. 

I became my own monster, oppressing my family.

I turned against myself, tore me apart, but didn't know. 

I ain't no little Red Riding Hood, but you can address me as big red hiding hood; for I was my own fox sneakily stealing away what belonged to me. 


I'll be packing my bags when I need to stay,

I'll be chasing every wind that blows my way, 

I'll be building my kingdom just to watch it fade, away. 

My reality. 

It's true; that's me without you. 

Or, wait! That was me without you. 


You are in the scene and a very new me. 

Touch down, I fall into your arms where I belong. 

I lost it all before I could see. 

But, you got me, I believe. 

You rescued me, remade me. 

When I turn around and walk through that door from where light shines, I will leave behind the ruins of my loss. 

But for now, I look and read my lessons on the ruins. Lessons I will forever hold dear. For there shall be no me without you anymore.