She wasn't always that way 

She seem to have slipped away 

Her heart wasn't always cold

But her soul could really be old

Her guard wasn't always up

But she always got her hopes up

        oh!  Marianela 

That wall in front of her soul was there

Heartbreak changed the climate of her heart 

Now she's been made less to trust from her heart 

           Oh!  Marianela! 

What hurts most is, she trusted blindly 

And was blind to have seen him hiding.

She became downcast and terrified 

She was lonely but justified 

Horror and disappointment in her eyes.

She was bittered, burning for revenge.

She yearned for he moment to Avenge 

              oh!  marianela

How much more pain will you hide inside.

How much more madness would you live beside.

Life and nature doesn't deceive

Only Humans deceive.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

        Oh!  Marianela

Propaganda doesn't deceive people,

It helps them to deceive themselves.

If you don't trust enough 

You will live in torment and rough

Forgiveness doesn't always lead to healing,

But it saves the heart from bleeding. 

Time will fly And you'll leave it all behind

Just move on.

¬©Michael Blessing