Offer me a bowl of stew,

With lust induce,

Sprinkle salt and,

Add extra spice when it dues.


I won't eat.

It's me swearing with my feet on a solid rock,

Accursed with a ruined slate of emotion.

Put lust on a fancy plate,

A plate I don't berate, 

I swear with nothing late,

I won't eat.

Take me up,

Drop me to the lowest point, 

Like me descending a cliff with my back;

Aiming for the rocks of lust.

I swear on earth, 

I won't hit. 

With the pains I have felt.

The trials I have cleft.

Humiliated after ev'ry argument, 

With the opinions I have kept,

Double - stabbed on the breast,

All to keep the memories locked, 

The wounds I have left,

Unattended to. 

Emotions will ruin you, 

It comes with a knife for one. 

Swift with a slash for two.

Emotions don't ruin once,

It walks you o'er, 

If you remain the flash of fool. 

And once,

I was told by heart.

And once,

I told myself I could help a few ones.

I was betrayed when I approached the same ones. 

I was robbed by who someone else could have probably hit up the chest, claiming, "I have sons."

It took me no time to know

It's a 'no' 

Mixing up 'Love' with 'lust'

And for a minute I was laying broke, 

With a torn pocket, wounded side and a bleeding nose. 

Escape was in my head, 


For the first time, I was down before others. 

Lord knows, 

I had to put my life first.

For that moment, I was lost. 

Lost in myself,

Lost in my thoughts. 

If that was Lust in Love, 

Then I chose to love than lust,

And I might find I had to find myself, 

Don't come looking, 

I might be lost in love.

¬©Godwin Okhuoya