The mechanism was we been loyal.

A bend for we two,

Blood was thick,

 friendship too. 

It was a meld of we two.

We were so plain to each other,

Our character was a see through. 

Babies off one mama was the clause.

Factually, we came off two. 

Things that made us pledge our pledge. 

We fought wars for blood cause,

A lot was unseen for the blood.


It was about life or death,

We were fate to bewait the coin's toss. 

We would fight for a living.

Wrong or right?

We would fight for our self,


Day or night! 

We stood at each others side. 

Ten of times,

We cried for each others right. 

This was the childhood we bared.

Dreams were,

But the world never cared.

Loyalty was the gospel preached! 

'Never snitch' was what we heard. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya