Love war, I came with a rifle long enough to spike Julie

Word punch, advocate for the timid

Extravagant love talk made Julie leave Rome for Phili 

A journey to the West, leaving Romeo for Timi

Find me. In thoughts of you, I am lost

Love or lust? 

Restitution made the sinner right, just after he wronged all, to be robbed with an objection for his old whack life, relenting on past action all the way to his omission of the damn prospects of his ill passion, to come with a burner. 

You sinner! Thief! You runner!

You stole my heart! And left me without no extra life, except the one we shared

Don't game on me. This extra life would be the last, and just like this cursor, our consciousness has been peered. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya