You seem to wonder...
Wonder why the sky is blue,
Wonder who you are,
wonder what I mean to you!

whatever color you think it is,
whatever way you feel about this bliss.
whatever way you see this!
Whatever way you want this to go,
I could give up my air for you and I won't stop till my face goes red and my eyes turn blue.

I wish we could feel the same way, but I am here, deep down here getting my self hurt over you.
I am not connecting and I see my self telling no one but me, lies; about how you loving me whole hearted would be true, like love would come through to make my dreams come true.

Nights you get cold and I am down home,
wishing it could be me and you at home.

Nights you stayed with me on phone and when next it rained, I painted it in my head that it could be me and you cuddling, lighting our paths with mutual heat till we finding our way out of the cold.

No hormones can trigger this,
I just want you to love me as much as I love myself,
I know it's selfish.
I know it's like me having all the meat to my zone,
still deciding not to sell my needless fish

I know you are in love with someone else who doesn't care.
But we could just switch position.
Listen, I mean I get in his stead right in your heart...
Yeah! yeah!
So hard a decision and I can't even help you deal with the aftermath fear.

I can't deal with it!
Karma is a beeetch.
If I take you from someone else, the very day you will be taken from me will draw neigh.

Take my word like the silent fud would be nothing for the ear to hear and fear like the coins digging for crude oil have given the heart of the toughest investor a burden to bare!
But here!
I stand to tell you that I love you, no matter what! and I don't care if you do, but I wish; for just a moment you would love me too.

If I am 1
And I am in love,
then we could be 2
and we could me in love
For I love you
And I wish you would love me too