I’ve found you, yet I’m unfulfilled,
Love is boundless, love is wild,
Love is harmless, so I’ve heard,
Love is for all, both the good and the bad,
Love sometimes can be easy and also be hard,
Love is generous, also love is blind,
Love is hidden, quite difficult to find,
Love is humble, love can crumble,
Love is duo, I can say love is double,
Lean on me when you’re down,
When you’re sad and when you frown,
I’ll make you laugh, I’ll be your clown,
I’ll carry your burden through the day and night,
I’ll be your hero, be your bright and shining light,
Never will I know food when you have lost appetite,
Always will I hold on to your arms very tight.
Engrossed by you, I can say I’m obsessed,
But if obsession is love, then in it I’m oppressed,
Because you have given me light, you are my breath,
And always will I love you, even until death.