Take part in eternity. Here with me is life on earth. 

Life after earth. Hence, an eternity shared off shears, off the potent lips of one not God! 

Same one, not one who planted the fear of him, except he is God, who gave love off him. 

Same master, basking in sense and hence with a fixed prefix for an antonym. Same Lord above all, Elohim. 

Same master who leased his only one, 

For a take back, not even on day one.

Same one, Holy one. 

We hear the masterpiece from the hypocritical masters, who rant step after step at everyone in rest, rooming every heart for being pressed, till the earth gets pissed in the plight of the oppressed.

Till health gets ringed and it feels not in anyway safe to give on to the feeling, filling up the heart of the depressed. 

Screaming, "Master! Master!"

Lord knows who is 

Breaking the hush might be too eerie, when the stamp for silence came early

Lord knows who is 

Making it hard, or who is 

Taking clothes off cloak, to review simplicity like 'that' below this! 

Breaking the silence might be too strange when the stamp for silence came early

Only God knows who hissed.

Godwin Okhuoya