The same way I believe in dreams is the same way I believe life is an entity worth the live. 

Same way I believe Life has an exit 

and anyone can opt to take a leave. 

Anyone is allowed to be the long stem while another could remain vulnerable like the leaf. 

Anyone could play the role of a thief.

Life is filled with various role. 

Another man could be like Mr Charles Leaf.

Just talking about the government worker down street who would never work and he feel entitled to a monthly leave. 

Anyone could be the good friend. 

Once had a couple of bad friends,

I showed them the door and I told them to leave. 

You can't be eating up my food with my life,

when I sweat every day funding the store, looking for a better way I could roll up my sleeve.

With ease,

I could walk up the street of underG from the hour of five to six.

Friends would ill talk 'What is he doing. Is he trying to keep himself physical fit'  

I live in a word where men roll off in the Gym,

Go through extensive workout and hurt themselves on the feet.

 Only few spend a dime to keep themselves mentally fit.


This is life,

Friends scream they got you back. 

You buy a revolver for security reasons,

they hit the nearest station ready to snitch. 

Welcome to life,

some family will hand you the blanket when its cold,

while some will put your need for closure on a hold,

expecting you not to sneeze. 

  ┬ęGodwin Okhuoya