I have always wondered why things happen this way.

But, I realize with time that they are just meant to be.

Only people with big dreams tend to see big.

Only those with broad mind tend to work ahead.

Who am I not to have both?

Who am I not to endure pain for gain?

I ask myself; What can I do to make life enjoyable? 

Or what can I do to make it pleasurable?

I get questions that break my heart,

and mend my thoughts.

Questions I often ask myself but find hard to answer.

I just look into my head and let them sway, just to pass the day’s test and move to the next.

I have always learnt about a thing in life.

To always work hard and look ahead.

But is that all to life?

Some people say working hard never guarantees success,

While some say living hard does.

But what really guarantees success?

Is it the rising up early in the morning?

And the coming late at night?

Is it the hustling of life?

Is it the idleness of life?

Is it the philosophy of life?

What really guarantees success?

I sit down and think what this life really means.

Only for me to come up thinking,

If it is the success and the failure,

The rich and the poor,

The hard work and the idleness,

The rising up and the laying down,

The fame and the glory.

But I came to realize, 

Life has everything to offer.

©️Tomi Owoborode