So yesterday was the best day ever,
It was the only moment I had to wander off the wrong path and face the future eye to eye,
Dreaming of a tomorrow with you in our dream country,
Somewhere not NG or GH, I wouldn’t want to recreate moments our parents had created, repeating moments like words been repeated in phrase like ‘an eye for an eye’ or having the whole moment compromised like having my Hi switch to an hiGH, would it be too much an assignment to make things grammatically correct? Good! Then see that word as ‘an eye’

I fell for you with my feet staggering, the world thought I was high.
On drinks, whiskey,
Paraga, weed, branches off the unwanted tree some claim to whisper life,
Once unwanted, now it’s me telling tales of a grown weed.
My heart fell for you from the ceiling, off the roof to the floor, still strong for you.

I love you,
And I might create some sort of problem with me not wishing for anything better in a harmless dream, with me wearing an arm-less to sleep so I could feel your skin when we cuddle in our dreams, but this moment won’t occur because deep down I am less of a dream,
Do you mind if we continued this love talk in reality for eternity?