Where is that place where beauty nestles itself in the boulder?  

Where is that tranquil place where love merries under the solemn sky? 

Where is that place where love reposes itself in eternity? 

Where is that place where my lover awaits like a lamb?

Tell me!

So that I'd shrine myself there. 

Deep down within my heart of hearts;

I have searched for that illusive one: 

The one who holds the keys to my heart.

I would that he'd stroke my hair, 

That he'd fill the gaps in-between  fingers.

Whisper into my ear: 

Words as sweet as topaz

That he'd treat me the most precious thing on ea'th

For my forehead is choked up with dust,

Sweat drips from my ears and ruins my tapestry,

As the sun bakes on my face. 

I have listened to the howling of the seas,

The rushing of mornings,

And the frightening barks of hungry dogs...

Yet that sweet one eludes me;

Like a mirage which ne'er existed.

Sometimes...ooh sometimes!

I wish you'd find me sweet enough; 

That you'd see the beauty which glistens in my eyes; 

And feel the softness of my heart.

So when the ocean breaks at the foot of the crags;

The pirate finds that long lost treasure; 

And the slave finds that purloined freedom; 

I lie alone in my bed like an estranged dream; 

As tears stream down my eyes like a wailing ocean 

And burns my cheeks into ashes:

I wish dear,

I wish that you'd know I'm waiting;

Waiting to feel your invaluable touch.

©Evans Khojo