I can't think it through,

you staying with me.

to me,

was truer than a foster reality.

What else can I do to make this true. 

if you been with me was a dream,

I will do all it takes to make it come true. 

don't say no,

not so quick,

baby, think things through.

please pick up,

I know my calls are going through.  

should i prove it with words,

I have enough.

to back up factors, holding facts with magnitudes,


proofing the thesis about trinity,

the three fold ministry,

is true. 

now my heart is puckered in three folds,

an arrow can't come through.

The fact that nothing will break what I nurse for you,

is darn true.

This was love at first sight, 

I trailed you every where. 

even when you picked up,

zoning in dangerous site.

baby pick up,

think up.

give me just one chance.

I can see things work out.

Av gat foresight. 

let me fly in your heart like a burning lantern,

I can be your kite. 

if your thought about height 

was structure and strength. 

well, welcome to the light.

I am equivalent to a ray of a potent stature, 

I can stand for you in any fight. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya