In the street,

 on the field. 

He drew nearer

I smelled deceit.

I felt it was time to desist. 

He glared at me 

And i, him. 

The look in his eyes,

 made me tremble. 

I tried to avoid his gaze.

 It was irresistible. 

He stared, 

I stared, 

He glanced,

 I glared. 

I was horrified, 

I was terrified, 

I was petrified.

 I felt like running,

 But my legs failed me. 


was an option.

but my cords failed me.

 I closed my eyes,

and I waited patiently.


It took seconds, 

minutes and Hours,

Each day passed by.

Still I was patient with time,

like a blooming flower.

 century came over centuries 

On earth i was, feeling dead.

He glared at me, 

Every step he took,

brought him closer to me.


My lips that once failed me.

Let out a thunderous scream.

©Regina Asseh