It was funny when she walked down the foyer,

she was pissed 

and what I go was a beep,

after the cold bath, I still felt the heat.

It was like my blossom had been set on fire.

She said "no more texting."

What a beautiful girl, 

wondered what came over us when we made an oat of no sexing.

We were freshers the world guessed.

Those were just lips flexing, 

the world said. 

She wanted a coat for winter. 

I walked into a boutique,

both two similar coats.

I confirmed if the leather was thick. 

Unisex thing.

We were just trending friendship. 

But our difference was visible like an approaching ship.

She is a woman I am a man.

Opposite sex thing. 

She wanted to leave one day after a fight.

It was a night.

I looked outside the window the moon shone from an height. 

the stars join the parade. The sky was so bright. 

My head gained an eye,

and a trick fell down the path routing off my sight.

I called her Femo.

She called me memo.

So we turned it into a wordy fight.

Her fist against my side was lite.

I couldn't strike back, hitting my eyes was a bright light. 

Tolerance was the bright light. 

We couldn't just stop been friends.

We fought it all together till the very end.

I drop my pen. Here is the end.

The love that upholds eternity,

is the love that forgives every time we offend. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya