I speak! 

Brother it's not a restricted aim at you.

No bars! 

Seated I am, to spill sense over equality. 

Giving me a bottle of beer inked with juice; won't stop me from speaking against the bottles and the bars! 

With a bottle of liquor, 

quench your thirst or offer seedlings to the sower who farms on the surface of your utility. 

We all have the right to speak. 

It's called freedom of speech!

and we earned it. 

Wisdom cries from a heightened roof top. 

We all have the right to seek! 

We earned it. 

Speak against the wrong rich 

leave the right rich and word stand for the meek. 

Wall stand!

and if the right doesn't look right, go left and protect the cow that provides the milk. 

Then I conclude!

don't war when you can word. 

Spare me the tales and historical fables of bloody justification in celebration of victory and freedom. 

Words protect the innocent more than war. 

©Godwin Okhuoya