I might crack because I roll to fast! 

I might crack because my role is to play the role of the character who would have to roll on a pace too fast.  

I might crack because I roll every month end with my religious duty, Just addicted to doing the fast. 

And I might break, Because I run a vast engine, eating up my gasoline because I want to be ahead pretty fast. 

And I might hit my breaks,  Engine malfunctioning. Man must have been hitting the accelerator way too fast. 

I might crack, because my pursuit for eternal life made me give up on blunts and cracks way too fast. 

To the downtown sags, one other new me will be Two outcast. 

I might crack because I ride too fast. 

I might crack because I choose to roll with a pack, 

Handful of Famz who moist my positivity by thinking way too fast.



I might crack because I am down to earth, 

Letting you feast on my ends! 

Meeting your needs, setting up a guard for you! 

Man!  that's my idea of defence. 

Remember! I paid for the fence. 

My blood had been made ink, I could be the new age pen. 

You could call me the new sage, then. 



I might crack, because I over bled. 

Me writing all night with my soul pouring you the whole of me, 

My essence turn excess, 

Reflecting pain on a wall can't be summed up to a reflex. 

You might be down.

 If this took some up. 

Then I hope, This gets some up. 

This might make sense if you pick up every distinct idea and sum up. 



I might crack because I have one cousin who is infertile. 

He can't do the cum, and his little man,

I mean his little man had never been up. 



I might crack because my country is on the verge of war. 

Loosen my grip on rumors.

 I heard the Igbos are in need of a wall. 

This puts me in stupor,

 I heard people are been burnt in Ikorodu, I feel insecure.

This beat I hear is a drum of war. 

Many poor will fall and many rich will hit the road for their life in an attempt to run. 

I might crack because I am sick of all this. 

I might crack if my alignment is not exposed to a cure. 


┬ęGodwin Okhuoya