She's a brilliant star

That outshines a million stars 

She's a priceless star 

That blossoms in the flower fields 

Where angry butterflies mirth

And romantic insects rejoice 

Like ignorant roses tucked together

In her starry brilliance 

At times I feel brightened 

At times I feel darkened

When I feel darkened 

My tears diffuse the stars 

And they fall into the jaws of the ocean 

Where darkness reigns 

Sometimes they are buried under earth

Where the star disappears

When she smiles at me 

I feel brightened 

Like the whole world is a subject to my feet 

I admire her in my oneness 

In blood and in fire 

She gives me hope

I love her straightforwardly 

Without meadows nor bends 

Like a silly boy in love

My love is a pure gemstone 

Without creeks nor crevices 

I love her without pride nor complexities

My love for her is as straight as a die

When she moves her starry feet 

My heart palpitates with lust for her tiny little feet 

When she grins at me 

My heart quakes with pleasure for her starry cheeks 

When she flaunts her curves and moulds like a mermaid that glows and seeks a treasure in the belly of the ocean 

My heart disappears into tiny little pieces of desire passion and affection

As she shakes foxy her waist  

She lights up a sensation in me and heats up my lust in a fiesta of fiery sunsets

For her grins I'd pay a pearl 

Her starry body I'd give my heart 

Her starry laughter I'd give her my soul 

Her starry soul I would hold priceless

I love her because this is the only way I know how to love 

My precious brilliant twinkle star.

© Evans Khojo Kwofie