Let's talk about love.

What's the plan? 

Are you drilling a well on this?

Is this lust or love? 

Are you lost in love? 

Or, have you found yourself to be lost after you got exposed to lust over this love? 

On this love, we shared, 

heart we paired, breakup we feared.

Since you were dark and I was light, I guess the issue wasn't about our first baby being dark or light, maybe fair. 

I guess we ironed this and we settled every other dispute making sure things gets cleared. 

At the point you made it feel like I was finding my edge, embracing the baker who would ice the cake. Whereas, I was losing the eyes for the baker, 'cause I was used to the bread, choosing over it, the cake. 

Moments all went down but I lost touch on the care. 

Moments our mistakes took this out of control. 

But I was weak, manual with my clutch pad, not stopping us from crashing into a ditch as I leverage slowly on the power gear. 

The sacrifices we offered on the altar, 

We denied ourselves for our ego to get embraced by the altar. 

Utter a symbol in this code and you would get stranded in this cold with my altar ego. 

Manifesting in a thousand fold is myself not saying sorry anymore, 

Man! I need to work on my ego. 

Shaking off my good looks, 

Stuffs, when this was fresh, I never dared. 

Over leveraging stuffs, we crossed to remain sacred and dread. 

I guess it was all lost. 

I guess it was lost over lust. 

I couldn't fight through this and I let the tummy butterflies win the war over me. 

Man! I lost. 


┬ęGodwin Okhuoya