I might not be your dream guy.

I might not be that guy in your dream, girl!

I might not have a dream girl.

But av gat dreams too, girl.

It might be small but soon you will hear, girl.

I am with my team so the world won't rest.

Until we are out of words,

We won't rest.

and to hell with those who think my rest is not near.

Thank God they are just mere thoughts.

Those words shouldn't come near,

my ear.

I av an headphone plugged on,

Determination vibes is all I hear.

I mean those stuffs that keep me on my toe

Most times I rush to work forgetting to comb my hair.

I have a message for you to the rest of the world,

I mean those out there.

Tell them I am not stocked here.

Have you heard about castles in the air?

Fine. You can check on me later,

I am building an empire here.

©Okhuoya Godwin