I had love never to love

Remember how all this began,

It was all I saw, splitting up my innards, like a radiant flash. 

You abstracted me from myself,

Right there, it all began. 

I knew it was trouble docking, poor me wanted to fight, but I did ignore.

Poor me wanted to hit the road,

City rules says 'don't drive without the horn.'

The traders rejected my calf, said  it had no horn. 

Poor me wanted to sell my soul for something sole, and end up feasting on my lungs like a retarded mole. 

Poor me was just in search of a roof,

not a hoof. 

My heart needed shelter. But I was just in search of love whose indubitableness not to back-stab came with a seal and a well catalogued or lingual proof.

Since my heart had once been murdered, without a witness.

You sorted for every blood stain and bends. Since finding was my sole weakness, you presented me with proofs, proving my innocence in a puff, made you act better than other girls who would scream it out in my face, "Its not my damn business."

Some might even say "I fell in love with you not with FINDING PROOFS"

But na, Your deeds made me love.

You wanted me to love again. 

Congrats, then I had. 

And if then was now, Now I have. 

For you I was ready to chink all my haves into two and I would have, given you a half. 

I shouldn't have,

stepped up to face your face,

cognizing you would leave me again,

a split after the next second, I thought you would last more than days. 

Never knew you would zoom off again like yo in a race. 

Now you have me locked behind bars,

my emotions ranging, you saw to it and you abrogated my zenith of thought, putting my reasoning in a cage. 

I was off thought when I loved you, 

You were from the west and I was from the north, but I glowered not upon the race. 

Thinking of my pain made me relate with you as a certified heart breaker, At it, you must be a ascertained Ace.

I though loving you would deal with my pain, surge out my past then put all my bad memories on erase.

I guess I was wrong. 

Once again, I have been fooled and 


You played me and left like you have been paid.

 I admit after you left I felt mazed.

Bet me, I will tell this tale to any one, and i would begin with this

"Here is a tale about one lady who made me feel not lesser than a retailed puzzle-Maze."

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya