They call themselves students

You won't fine 'em sitted in halls

Following peers

Feeling among

They call themselves hustlers

Hustling the real hustle

Drive expensive cars

With the empty brain chicks

Flocking and clinging like kittens

They call themselves grinders

Grinding *mojo*, sucking third legs

Treading wears, ever so fashionable

Ambiguous hip, screaming attention

Pouting lips like the hash of a fowl

They call themselves rockers

And every night with shameless hoe 

You find 'em at every joint and bar-hole

Shutting down clubs, renting down motels

You find them in every office

Threatening lectures with toy bashes

Banging lecturer with fake lashes

Just after exams

You find 'em smacking gums

Laughing hysterically

Looking less bordered

Their yash pasted on all notice boards

Anty have carry the whole course onboard 

Uncle nko?

Looking like some temperate monkey

Not even a sober feeling

This time there was no mercy

Not even a probation

It was an expulsion!

He was caught vomiting expo!

©️akomolafe rebecca