I am on the verge of loosing it right now.

the hope of what I will become.

all that I have become,

keeps hunting me,

time over time,

turn after turn.

Making my pain return.

Trailing me down the road so I would be gone.

on a long walk, 

never to return. 

Digging deep into my throat,

it is.

voice taking, it might be.

Still will I hold on to it.

With all my might,

it might,

be breathe taking. 

Bones breaking,

loin opening. 

But I know,

if I stand under the light,

stand my ground and fight,

outline my boundary's with the ray.

So My eyes will be on Zion.

The light. 

I know.

if I will fight for the last,


with my last,


Give me time,

My head will be illumed with the right scope. 

Then the flower of my understanding will bud.

And it will be available for my dreams,

i mean the incessant fund. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya