Faraway, so far away from where I called home

I have nowhere to lay my head but a dome


I remember the cave, not far from the shrine

Where I watched the moon and her shine


My memory I command you stay

Don't sweep these sweet memories away


I loved the smile of the golden sun

And I'll never forget the way I run


Here I am this moment, a billion miles from home

And I hear a pleasant voice, saying nothing but 'come'


A hundred and twenty one moons and I haven't seen home. So far!

A waiter reminded me I was in a bar.


Jostling me back to reality was the obnoxious scent of the iron ore

Reminding my soul of my grandfather's store


Three cites I have sojourned so far like a journeyer

None of the layers looks like my home's layer


No place like home, home full of comfort

Ordained to hold a defensive fort


Welcome, pleasurable son to the line

Your determination was strong, but you look sick and fine


Sick of my dome, no flower!

Proud of my home, full of power


Let other places act like home

So I'll have no need to think of home


Looking peaceful, full of liberty

Not minding if my father drove a rickety


Here I am. Our squad of silence expelled. The noisy men admitted

It's nothing like home. Always committed


The trees. They stood straight and green

Crops and fruits, flowers and leaves breathes through the screen 


Beautiful scenery, the clouds circled it. My home

Always pleasant while I lay on my foam


Expanded playground. Chatters without end

Our plays blessed without a bend


Blowing winds, uncontrollable by man's need

We are usually fascinated when we go rough and come without a bleed


To catch fun we'll turn the room into a stage

And ignored our elders symbols of rage


We'll put on robes. To mimic our parents 

Their frowning faces will suddenly turn into a violent laughter torrent


But children remain children, when they meet

They pull all sorrows down to their feet


The list of flashback is high on my mind

They move steadily without bind


I miss the meals too; always festive like

No form of continuous hike and strike


Here I am, heads down, full of tears

I've proved I'm full of fears


Home forever warm and still raising high

Destroying every beast. Far and nigh


Almighty Ilawe, founded by Oniwe Oriade

Where Farmers will never claim they're from Adelaide


I long for you, I want to be back

And I'll not bother if my clothes are on the rack

AUTHOR: Yomi Odukudu