Guess what?

I have been through a lot and I guess it is my idea to throw thoughts of zero worth?

You know WHAT?

It started when we met WHOT! 

Couple of bad boys, the rest and I throwing up dreams for bunches of dices,

Ground rolling like ‘earth you know what’

Strangers to the morrow our parents had us painted with a canvas borrowed. 

Well! Payback time came sooner than tomorrow 

We sold our dreams in this auction and our bad behavior was of no worth,

The very action was tiring leaving us to asking ourselves about certainty like 

‘all this is to what?’


Guess what?

Time flew pass on high.

It came in the split of a second across the mind when we all had our eyes on the sky.

On a Saturday night beside the bottle, 

Pills popping, with kiss cutting deep into every section, the spirit was in the deep,

Inspiration from trees and we were left with seeds and weed to believe 

Eyes red, we did chase off this slow spirit called sleep, 

Bed times turned bell time,

Ideas blowing the alarm hot like hell time. 

Demon whispering in place of angels. 

The end was nigh

It ended not too far from near.

The whole feeling gathered in a bowl awaiting termination, since it ended when it ought to end, 

Defended the city at the expense of the dreed. 

Guess what?

It ended and we were left to picking up the very piece of ourselves, we gave up to pick up a self not ours, compared to ours was less, left on a heightened cliff facing our conscience and results of our past sins. After all, our very selves was left to defend our very mess.