One day, one hour, one minute, one second, one moment... 

that moment I made my decision. 

The very decision that shaped my life. 

Well, it's pretty much the decision that stood as the only foundation to why I still lived. 

I could've decided not to. 

I could've decided not to make the decision, rise up and head out. 

Soldiers bully, merchants hoard, rulers confer other's possession to themselves, women whine, men sigh, kids cuss, widows stray with an incentive of wanderlust. 

After the heroes were gone, the priest became a cur. 

I couldn't look pass all of that; the pillar of my decision. 

Now I stand outside my castle in a red cloak, carrying an old rickety lantern. 

For outside, lay the ruins of the battle I fought and the smoky dust of the war I won. 

You may have read of many heroes, but here is another who didn't compromise on what is-ME.