There is something special about her.

It is not the makeup she puts on.

But, the smile that radiates from her face, which often masks pain.

It is not the clothes she puts on.

Because, regardless of the designers, she is beautiful in her skin.

That, gives her a nice physique.

It is not the shoe she wears on her feet.

But, the way she gracefully steps out in those shoes.

It is not the hairstyle she makes.

But, only her hair can speak through a crowd.

Never underestimating the joy and happiness her words can bring to hearts,

Her smile melts a candle only for it to still burn.

It is not the way her stature is.

But the way she confidently moves about with it.

I have never seen such a delight of beauty, 

Until I felt the compassion of her heart,

And the love from her laughter. 

I just imagine how her heart can be so pure.

When she walked up to me and spoke calmly, 

It soothed me.

Always looking out for the poor and needy,

Even though her resources are so few.

I wonder when he would come and take her away.

But her beauty just couldn’t give him the courage to.

Her reasoning is so fast, she thinks like an elder in the midst of the young.

Her determination and diligence to work, brings him to fall at her feet.

Her devotion and sacrifice to Godly things, always make others pray for such act.

Her character is just so unique,

It makes others wish they were her.

She finds no fault in others.

She is just  kind, nice and selfless.

I wonder if such a she exists.

Only for me to realize,

She is just an imagination of HER.

©️Tomi Owoborode