Our brown army of roofs were shivery and dehydrated

When they came visiting

It was indeed a divine sanction

Boundless torrents came visiting

But why's our street the chosen one?

Our possessions aren't seductive enough

But we have beautiful set of people

Who'll stand at the edge of gutters

To welcome you with bags you'll take away

And we also have children who'll chant your praise

Till you decide to leave.

Our guests finally arrived

They brought for us Crabs and Fishes

And parceled it out

While they were leaving

We gave them our lives to merry upon

"Water e no get enemy" Fela swore

Our visitors visited the affluent

They brought them Crabs and Fishes

Just like us

And also took their lives

Alas! Our street which used to envy the island is now an island

The rain did not forget what he kept with us

               "The rainy day savings"

They made the visit a memorable experience.

¬©Felix Odukudu