The greatest is the greatest. 

The best might not be.

A thing better than best,

is twice greater than better. 

If good is involved,

the best becomes superlative,

It becomes the greatest. 

Nothing comes before the first.

Zeros that come first,

Digits refined,

Zero's behind.

Which is the greatest. 

Zero's behind,

adding up more zeros.

redefine the hind. 

The less amount to nothing,

the less has gone missing,

you have the lights on,

Your emotions are freezing.

let's see when you will find. 

You put stones over stones,

Let's see what you will find.

ordering no one to work.


some one search up for the less,

and find.

Your kids will be less stressed,

not been allowed grind.

If money had made the good,


The best,


No man was there during creation.

Who said,

the best were made first.

Lying over here is a prime,


If money would make,

The greatest less, less. 

Giving no chance to the greater.

for once,

to come first.

Then life been fair is a crime.

but It will have to favour me now,

On time.

or in the life next in line. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya