It came , and struck me

Just at my weakest point.

No one else felt it, but me

I could feel my blood gushing out,

it all surged off me. 

A life broken through, 

Coming at my side was a knife breaking through.

It all came for me. 

I could feel my soul letting go,

Life slipping out a sack. 

Sitting close to the window, 

A preacher screaming why life is mean. 

Back here! 

And again, it struck; even harder 

Could have screamed for help, 

haba father. 

We blood, 

Can blood slay blood?

Being of the same  blood doesn't mean we share the same father.

The pain ripping me through

Am gasping for air

Trying to hold on to life.

I held on to fear. 

Crumbling to a fall. 

I fell for the tears. 

It rained trends of fluid. 

Tears fell!

I slipped into the dept, further and further.

I drifted away, farther and farther.

Like a lifeless balloon,

I was terrified, 

the look in the eyes of a weak baboon. 

He took my existence off like a weak character in your favourite cartoon.


I drift away, farther and farther.

To a more peaceful place, maybe

To a place I had dreamt of.

If near, 

I am here, 

If far, 

Now,  I am near


©Godwin Okhuoya