don't tweet before you hand over the trays,

we know it all.

you can't tweet without an handle,

you are keen pushing out strew words,

caring less about those who will array,

the tray, the cup and the jug's handle.

Be polite with it.

Kill pride off in a facile swing,

Not at us, don't even try to fling.

With your phone on,

pls don't tweet about your givings,

just give out all in the tray.

Put it all in a dish. 

Hungry stomachs will survive with a scrubby meal in a broken dish.

They have been going on Starks all day, pls those kids need the fish.

Drop it in their bowl, lean over them and lay on their fore head a kiss.

Call it love,

Do it with ease,

don't force.

 The slices would go before the crumble goes. Who else can afford a ford,

Ride with them on a field,

and lay it all on your cash.

Your internal generated fund,

should afford their feeds.

Will you do this,

For them,

will you put it all down.

If you will do this without it starting off the side of your lips,

I mean a frown.

Arms down,


cash down.


No further trip will be guaranteed, 

you will no longer be going to Amsterdam.

Let them climb on your palm,

Now that your arms are down.

Make up their trays.

Consider their beds,

has it been laid.


For the kids,

Make hay while the sun shines.

You know how much they value the Goat's kid.

Pls make Hays for the kids while the sun still shines.

when the weather is fine,

When the sun is fixed in the cloud and it is high.

Make hays when the goat still feel fly,

and the slaughter is not nigh.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya