How do you feel? Heartbroken, down and dejected?

I really can't say how you feel. 

I know you are void and empty. I have just words and I hope with joy, you get refilled. 

Would this ever make you feel better?

It's my word to you from a world unknown, whose restriction is heavier than bars known, and crafted out of the shortage of intense impossibility. 

Now you know. 

Please value every word in here. 

Me and you are in this war to make you experience change and make you who you really are. 

That perfect girl deep down. 

That sweet girl every man wants to be with. 

That hardworking girl who would do more than men can do. 

That girl with a good heart.

That girl who will have the world lay at her feet for instructions. 

That girl that has been through stuff big enough to break a city. Yet, she is alive, her heart still hammering violently against her chest. 

All things are not about a relationship, you know? 

Would you learn that first? 

Love people for who they are and make sure nothing gets into it. 

Rule your emotions and be king over every moment.

Dominate your thoughts and don't let any guy kick you around, that you feel lesser than you really are. 

Love people for who they are and appreciate them for loving you too, without placing a demand on them to return the good deeds and the blazing emotion. 

I want you free. 

Break the chains holding chaos to your existence and generate happiness all by yourself.