For a dear friend.

A friend so dear.

A friend like an hedge,

trying all his best so danger won't come near.

I would have asked questions.

Let's go on a short section.

Truth or dare.

That is not necessary,

You do always tell the truth,

So why should I dare.

I once feared,

your pace.

I flared, 

once or twice not withstanding the case.

You once never cared.

You never wanted to know who was watching,

Neither were you concerned about failure.

You knew no one was really watching.

The world might be,

But it was your word.

"I would be what I would be"

You said this right beside me.

You told be to mash the bean,

when it was wet.

So the beans cake,

would be the same colour with the heart of those who hate.

"Do it with all you have, how you can, even when you can't."

I knew "do it anyhow" was what you meant.

I really don't know if this is still that you,

I mean.

I really don't know if that you is still the same you.

I mean,

that you was more patient than a man watching an ice bag melt.

That you that had so much blunt determination like a man using a broom to create holes on a belt.

You told me:

 "determination give dreams more colour,

like a sketched art work and a paint."

Is this still that you that wanted every thing done,

not concerned about who had your back or those who will run,

giving up backing you, and when hardship comes they are gone.

Climbing up those fence together, 

do you remember those dogs that barked us,

Looking back, I was going to jump,

but you said to me "Never should you run."

That you, that would get things done when the circumstance is damn hard.

That you, that would get the right things fixed and get the bad guys mad.

Was that you?

I believe it was you!

Please never stop Been you.

I once watched you perform,

peeping through a leaking tube.

I once watched you.

I knew how bad you prayed for a million views on YouTube.

Not I want you to get back to your feet.

No circumstance should stop us from pushing through.

Together, we will get through.

We shouldn't stop pushing till our dreams come true.

©Godwin Okhuoya