It is barefaced that many want to lead,

few want to be led, 

few want be positioned like a snail's shell,

who will always follow.

Most of leader's successor,

are those who really followed.

Experience can be bashed,

It is experimental and practical.

stolen Ideas,

only make a man's way full of pot holes.

you are the heir to the throne,

Ruler of the land, controller of all sound.

You would have been the next King

But you have no experience, 

this means you never for once followed. 

Experience can't be given out.

You can't get my stories on your timeline,

if you never tried to follow.

If you don't have it, 

you don't have it.

Stop saying it has been borrowed. 

You would have been the next Controller of all sound.

But if we give you a day or more,

you won't still get a perfect verse for the solo.

It takes time to climb, learn and follow.

Anything can happen, 

If days don't extend the H 24,

just be positioned.

Some men slept yesterday as followers,

 and they woke up as leaders on the morrow.

All because you want to stand as the number '1' don't go an fall '0'

I don't mean ZerO, but the 'O' behind the ZerO.

Just let me lead you in pronunciation, and you follow.

©Godwin Okhuoya