First Friday in December.

It had been promised like the end and hell.

Like nothing would fall when it comes.

It had been talked about like the wall of Jericho,

that fell.

They said it would be better,

It is here.

The very day of the year,

we yearned. 

If the end of this will be better.

No one can tell.

They said it would change,

calling it change,

made us a bit tensed.

But it all changed.

All I see is a reverse in tense.

The main word didn't change.

The first Friday after November is today.

In less than three weeks time,

it would be Christmas day.

For some,

it would be like no other day.

To some it would be same,

just like every other day.

But the situation right now leaves some,

to pray for the dawn of no other day.

©Godwin Okhuoya