My face was lit with a smile,

That seemed to last for a while.

It was like the whole world was on a stiff shift,

forming a single file.

Just to see your ever flowing beauty,

 like the River Nile.

You drew closer,

and my heart skipped a beat.

I fell, 

but in love not in a pit.

I rejoiced, 

but you couldn't see the feeling.

I doubt you had ever seen me.

secretly I hid,

 just to get a better view.

To see the beautiful drops of you,

my morning dew.

I had to witness the real definition of beauty.

But still,

I couldn't withhold your perfection.

Seeing that I am not beyond the bars of one,

 to be called ugly and filthy

          ¬©Fayemi oluwademilade caleb