is it the fog!

I am just close to the pole, left you a note next block.  

-No response-

Are you confused?

it's your cousin on the line. 

Dallas is now out of jail, 

I took Fella and Jane,

with me.

we desperately needed to get him out of pain. 

ASwear Dawg!  

This break would separate the sane from the insane.

Aswear Dawn!  After this!  nothing will ever feel the same. 

I expect sweetness, but it if gets sore or bitter, we would nurse a swap of sugar cane. 

See homie! this is for brotherhood,

no one is getting down for the fame. 

And if this gets classic!  Save your skin for the hall of fame. 

It's might get hot any minute,  save your bean for the pot.  Ama turn on the heat, and soon it would be an hall of flame. 


See dawg! 

The plan is striking long before Dawn! 

Striking a note of resemblance might bear a key to unlocking why she was called a dog.  

Its more than our sister being black, 

She was stone with words till her grave was dug. 

it's a fight for the blacks, we might be wrong.

 Acting like who we are doesn't equate us to dogs. 

There would be Victory and after this we would celebrate,

Come out alive Cox I owe you a hug. 

This is why we would fight to the end,  

Fight to defend. 

Our territory would be ours, we winning or loosing will depend. 

I go for the win. Sorry about what happened last month, heard your first son was picked by the fed.

We winning would set every one free.

We would pick on anyone who challenges us, be it their head. 

 Then we would know who is foe or who is friend.  

Fight to Cause freedom, 

Blow an alarm for a false freedom, 

Miss inform the enemies and force freedom.  

Foolishness is they treating us like nothing.

This would climb up their skulls and force wisdom. 

We are set to set up our walls, our rules, our homes its time we force into existence our own kingdom. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya