The hope of life tends to bring me down
and when I try to stare, its fortune playing a role,
one against me.
I am weak and broken, I can't roll,
even if the ropes would be turned against me.

My ego hunts like a man with the spare,
hunts men,aiming at dreams with despair.
I am at this shore, staring at responsibility turning all my hard work to nothing, so much that I see a broke friend and i have nothing to spare.
I feel i have a wall against me.

And I cant move!
I am stocked, in here,
my foot against the stone, my heart beats like its dance time and my first step might be false,
steps failed and I am off the cliff, too much of the air is too much, those were initials to my thoughts at first,
but I ignored.
so i cant breath.

I am trapped in the sky, falling from height to height,
Fear holding my breathe, echos enveloping the cloud dear,
And i am seen trapped by fright, my self esteem going down the drain like an under value freight.
If this is all to life, i feel it all should end just there,
and if that's too much a distance, i am not willing to take anymore pain.
Let it all end here.

Fist drawn to battle it all,
but i am just this weak little boy.....
I cant fight! despite been bullied by fear.