i don't know how to paint this poem 

my wrist stiffens whenever i shake it's joint 

with a quill clinched between weary fingers-

musing over hellish months - suffixed with ember

for their nouns hold something scary than the rays of night 

every year they come with heart-rifting tales 

like an incorrigible bout of woes 

& i don't know how to breathe air - without loathing life 

in a heart-cleaving time like this

-for a chum lost his mum 

just when our faces are still wet - grieving over Deshi's death 

a few weeks after death scissored our blood ties with some relatives 

these months should have asked the sun not to widen it's cheeks 

& the moon never to mimic it's gestures at nighty hours 

they should have gleam like night to make our minds presume the future is bleak 

but they came - suffixed with sinister nouns 

_ember ...

to tuck away our loved ones 

©Wakchin Nengak